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Registration of compositions

All Icelandic  composers can record  compositions at Tónverkamiðstöð. Registration of a piece of music  at Tónverkamiðstöð makes the work visible in the center's database and at the same time accessible to music performers all over the world. Compositions can be registered for sale and distribution or only for preservation and the composer retains full copyright on them.  compositions registered with the Music Center.

The center provides composers  advice, eg regarding notation, marketing, grant applications, etc. fl.

as well as sharing  information  on opportunities and projects for composers abroad as well as domestically.

The music center answers many questions, e.g.  regarding project selection, but such inquiries are often received from domestic and foreign parties, e.g.  bands, program directors and  project selection committees.

For sale and distribution

If a composer registers a work for sale and distribution, it grants the Music Center permission to sell the work, for example in the Music Store's online store and distribute it for promotion.


The composer can receive two printed copies  of a piece of music (two voice files  of orchestral and chamber works) submitted for sale and distribution. The composer's share of the sale of compositions is  10% of all sales / rent and 50% of rent for premiere. The composer's share of the sale is paid out annually, as long as the composer's share reaches a minimum allocation of ISK 5,000. It is based on a calendar year and if the credit does not reach the minimum allocation, it will be canceled.

The composer retains all publishing and copyright,  although the work is put up for sale. The composer has full permission to negotiate with the publisher and continues to receive full royalties on the work from copyright organizations, such as STEFi.

Tónverkamiðstöð handles all communication with performers for the purchase of notes or rental of larger works and is the center's service.  the composers free of charge.  

Note that the registration of a composition / notes at Tónverkamiðstöð is independent of registrations at STEF.

All compositions listed for sale and distribution are also stored.  

For preservation

Registration of a work at Tónverkamiðstöð can lead to a transfer of the work. The Music Center receives regular inquiries regarding the selection of works and programming, including from choirs, foreign bands or music festivals.

Music Center records  the works in a database and processes them  preservation in the National Library of Iceland -  and thus preserves an important part of  the nation's musical history.

The more  compositions listed in the center's collection  therefore a much better picture is given by the database  the work of Icelandic composers.

Instructions for setting up compositions

The Music Center guides composers as needed with the installation and finishing of notes. 

Based on experience, we have compiled points that are good to keep in mind when composing and finishing music.

Here you can get instructions on computer installation and finishing  nights.

Registration form

All registration of new compositions takes place via an electronic registration form which is accessible here on the Music Center's website.


It is necessary to fill in the electronic registration form  out before submitting a piece of music.  

Composer pages

All composers who have works registered with Tónverkamiðstöð receive a special composer page in the online store where the person in question can upload a photo and biography.

Must be used  a special password to the site. Send an email to to be assigned a password,


G clear instructions  about the composer page can be accessed here.

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