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Guidelines for composer pages

Composers who register works at Tónverkamiðstöð get access to a composer's page in the online store  Music Centers. There, composers can manage their CVs and get an overview of the sale of works in the web shop. 


To get started, you must first ask the Music Center for a password and password at the end. ( Send Email )

Go to  .

  • Select Iceland Music Information Center in the ( Company ) menu .

  • Enter the username and password you received from the Music Center.

  • Click Login .  The system then opens under the Products tab  which shows all works recorded on the composer in question. At the same time, more tabs will be accessible:


> Royalty  is to view which works have been sold by the composer in question through the sales page, where you can see the composer's credit. (Possibly the composer could have more inside, in the case of sales outside the sales page, such as printed copies or rental of larger works.)

> Existing  Royalty Reports  shows an older settlement with the composer.

Contact Profile  is to update information about the composer:

  • When checked Published alongside Contact ID  on the Products tab appears the so-called  composer page  on the center's sales page.


Composer page  is a special page with a photo and CV  the composer along with a list of  all compositions by the composer in question together with the information recorded in Public Comment . Í  Public Comment  is ideal to publish  career history.


In order for work information to be displayed, you must always check Published in the relevant line. Then it would be good if filled out  other information such as bank account, address, email address and more. We point out, however  it is not advisable to check Published with this information, unless the person in question wants it to appear on the composer's page, unless you want to. Note that to change the address, click on Addresses .


Finally, you need to save by clicking the Save button. To view your own page, go to (insert  your composer number instead of xxxxx. The composer's number is shown in the Contact ID field,  ). 

Request passwords and passwords

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