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Music needs to be performed to be heard – Music needs to be performed to be experienced

The promotion of compositions in IMIC's collection is an important part of the center's work. Contemporary and classical composers rarely perform their own music, which is why it is important to introduce the compositions to potential performers. The main goal of the promotional work is therefore to advocate on behalf of the composers and introduce Icelandic compositions to performers, orchestral conductors, and program directors of concerts, orchestras and festivals - as well as to introduce Icelandic compositions to new listeners, thus promoting the composers themeselves. 


Networking is very important and can't be overestimated. We are constantly building and improving our network in order to be able to provide opportunities for Icelandic composers and other musicians. To this end, IMIC is e.g. active in international forums such as the International Association of Music Centres (IAMIC). At the same time, efforts are being made to strengthen the centre's network by attending festivals, conferences and events as appropriate at any given time.

IMIC has a presence on social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 


Nordic Music Days are held annually and the composers' associations of Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland take turns organizing the festival. The festival was held in Iceland in 2016 and will be held again in Iceland in November 2021.


IMIC visits NMD in order to introduce Icelandic contemporary music to foreign key players in the sector.


The conference was first held in 2012 and has earned a place as one of the best venues for promotion and networking in the field of classical and contemporary music. The conference is attended by professionals: composers, journalists, conductors, festival directors and others working in the field. The conference agenda is roughly threefold:


I. Exhibition
II. Professional conference with lectures

III. Programme with samples of works and projects (showcase / project pitches).



Classical: NEXT is a conference and exhibition aimed at the classical and contemporary music sector. C:N is an ideal forum to introduce Icelandic contemporary music to foreign markets and key players in the sector.


The International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM) annually hosts one of the largest contemporary music festivals in the world, ISCM World Music Days. ISCM members pitch to host the festival and it is rarely held in the same country for two years in a row. Iceland hosted the festival in 1973. ISCM calls for applications to have works performed at the festival, see the company's sections to call for applications in its area of responsibility. The Icelandic Composers Society is a member of the ISCM and annually calls for applications from its members to have works performed at the festival.



The International Association of Music Information Centers (IAMIC) is an international association of contemporary music centres. The organisation works to promote and advocate for contemporary music around the world, with the aim to increasing opportunities for contemporary composers, sharing opportunities for musicians and participating in international conferences and exhibitions.

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