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Norrænir músíkdagar – opið fyrir umsóknir, Helsinki 2018

Norrænir músíkdagar kalla eftir verkum á hátíðina í Helsinki 2018. Þema hátíðarinnar að þessu sinni verður eining.

„In the world that is cracking into segments, the Nordic Music Days 2018 is looking for unity. In an age when cultural and political divisions between people get ever deeper, art music cannot go hiding in a ghetto – it must come out to the world. However, it will not suffice to only impress – art music must also be impressed by the world around us. Letting new ideas in will help us to bring new ideas out. Nordic Music Days 2018 will look for unity of music by embracing different genres and views, without sacrificing the artistic quality and ambition. To accept our differences is a common Nordic strength – that brings us unity.“

Kallað er eftir verkum í mörgum ólíkum flokkum. Umsóknarfrestur er til 19. september.



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