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Keuris tónsmíðakeppni

Auglýst er eftir umsóknum í tónsmíðakeppni Keuris. Sjá nánari upplýsingar hér fyrir neðan á ensku.

The 3rd Keuris Composers Contest invites composers of all ages and nationalities to participate with compositions for youth symphony orchestra or piano trio (violin, cello and piano). The compositions should be written for the youth; challenging, but accessible and playable. All participating compositions will be anonymously judged. Six nominated pieces (each category three) will be performed by Amersfoort Youth Orchestra and Keuris Ensemble during the Final Concert.

The Final Concert of the 3rd Keuris Composers Contest will take place on 12 May 2018 in Flint, Amersfoort (Keuris’ place of birth), The Netherlands.

Deadline for entries is 1 February 2018. For information about the application, see here or visit



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